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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

47 Days Until Christmas!!

Crafty Christmas!

So I absolutely cannot wait for Christmas time, yes I'm one of those who seems to hurry past Thanksgiving, I'm thankful! :) but I just REALLY love Christmas!!!  Each year I seem to be taking on more and more Christmas crafts, but I love it! 

This year my friends and I have decided to start having a craft night once a month, at least here around the holidays.  In October we completed a Pinterest  project for Halloween, now in November we are going straight to Christmas.  This Thursday it is my turn to host the craft night and I have decided that we will make our own Christmas canvases to hang on our walls.  I have seen so many cute canvas ideas on Pinterest lately that I narrowed them down to a hand full.  My favorite is trying to recreate this The Night Before Christmas canvas.  

and why not just purchase this already made canvas? Well...I thought about it, it certainly would be easier! But I got a pack of 5 16X20 canvases at Joann's Craft Store for only $25 for my friends and I to split, PLUS there is a major grammatical error in the quote! Which is not part of the original Night Before Christmas book. Can you find it??!!  Please comment if you do!  ;)

Here is my plan of action, we'll see how it works.  

For some of the lettering I bought stencils and for some I actually made my own using my Cricut. I have tried to lay my stencils out to get an idea for spacing. But we'll see how it goes come Thursday!

  • Paint- Christmas Green, Christmas Red, Black. $12
  • 16X20 Canvases at Joann's- $25
  • Stencils-$4 each (but since I'm keeping those for myself, I won't split the cost with friends)
  • Stencil sponge brush for each friend-$5 (.99 each)

Total cost of craft night per friend: $8.40 not too bad! Have one friend bring some wine and one an appetizer and you have a nice girl's craft night! I will totally post the final product of Thursday's craft night! We'll see how it goes, I may very well end up having to buy the grammatically incorrect version off the internet! hehe..

There are many other cute Christmas sayings and quotes I'm thinking about painting on a canvas as well. I got many ideas from just typing in "Christmas quotes" or "Christmas Canvases" on Pinterest.  I really like the Elf movie quote, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." I also like simple quotes like "All is calm, all is bright." I actually plan on taking down all of my current living room wall hangings and replacing them with Christmas canvases or online Christmas printables put into frames.

BTW if you are a teacher, substitute teacher, school secretary, anything that gets you a school badge because they have to see it, sign up for Joann's Teacher Club, you always get 15% off of everything even on top of other discounts/coupons and sometimes they mail you even better coupons! You do have to reapply each school year though :(

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